About the author

Les “IsMore” Chappell is a quixotic individual based in Portland, OR who relies on books for his living both as a freelance critic and a publishing project manager. A refugee from Madison, WI, he tends to stick to dimly lit bars with comfortable chairs and a stock of Kentucky bourbons, and leaps around the bookshelves of Powell’s in a manner reminiscent of the Prince of Persia.

“Wood Clock Toy” is his effort to enter the field of online contributors who combine at least two of the following traits: glasses, stylish hats, trimmed facial hair, collared shirts, a distaste for society, a sense of keen humor and a command of thoroughly useless information. Those he admires in this regard include Zero Punctuation, the Nostalgia Critic, the Angry Video Game Nerd, and Seanbaby, and also stretches to webcomic authors such as XKCD, Questionable Content and Something Positive. So if he seems derivative of any of them at one point or another, he apologizes to them in advance, asking them to see imitation as a form of flattery.


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